Temporary Edge Protection Clamped to Walls

A clamped Temporary Edge Protection System is an effective method of providing collective protection to a workforce when it is impractical to anchor into the structure.

In horizontal configuration, J-SAFE -J1&J2 Adjustable Clamps are commonly used to protect workers from fall over leading edges of Walls, Tanks, Bridge Parapet Upstands and Precast Beams.

Adjustable Clamps are available in two sizes suitable to the application and working space around the clamped area of the structure and are delivered in the correct configuration for the closed distance to reduce site erection time.

Posts are inserted into the Clamp which hold Steel Mesh Barriers with fixed Toe-Boards. Adjustable Clamps are straightforward to assemble using only a hammer to tighten the collared nut.

Instruction guides are included with equipment, instructional movies are available on request and specialist training is available.

BSEN 13374 Class A Compliant.

Size range for J-SAFE Adjustable Clamps.

  • J1 0mm – 200mm
  • J2 0mm – 330mm jaw setting 1
  • J2 300mm – 800mm jaw setting 2

Temporary Edge Protection System Anchored to Walls

Commonly utilised on Retaining walls, River walls or Precast Wall Panel, J-SAFE Edge Protection for this application utilises a Wall Bracket- vertical post holder which is anchored into the wall face using threaded rod in resin compound for masonry or existing concrete walls, or dwyidag bar for new concrete structures utilising the dwyidag holes from the formwork system. For pre cast wall panels, a 16mm socket type anchor is cast into the concrete element.

The J-SAFE system is installed at maximum 2400 centres, with the benefit of adaptability to the shape of the structure or need to avoid obstructions or projections because the barriers overlap anywhere along their length which means that wall bracket positions are not critical.

J-SAFE barriers are manufactured from steel mesh that prevents falling debris or objects and are the equivalent of twin guardrails and toe board in one component. The J-SAFE Temporary Edge Protection System utilising the Wall Bracket and the supporting assembly forms a robust continuous mesh screen around the working are protecting the workforce from the risk of a fall from height.

For applications where the Wall Bracket is impractical, the J-SAFE Freestanding System could be suitable for preventing falls from walls and vertical structures.

J-safe offers effective methods of providing collective protection to a workforce


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