TrailerSafe is a transportable Fall Arrest Anchorage system designed to protect operatives when loading and unloading vehicles with flatbed trailers which are loaded with equipment or materials that require an operative to climb onto them to connect crane hooks to slings.

The Trailer-Safe System consists of three main components, Adjustable Base, Kentledge Block and Fall Arrest Davitt. These are spaced 6 metres apart to provide overhead anchorage coverage for an articulated truck trailer 13.6 metres in length.

Unloaders are attached to the overhead anchorage point which moves in an arc to increase his area of operation.

A cargo ladder is included for safe access onto truck loading areas when erected and in use.

Once erected Trailer-Safe Units are portable and can be moved using a forklift truck or crane with adequate load capacity.

Trailer Safe is en 795 class B compliant.

Examples of loads that can be used with Trailer-Safe:

  • Steel Sections
  • Pre-cast Concrete
  • Scaffolfding
  • Timber Panels
  • Formwork Equipment
  • Site Accommodation
  • Containers
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TRAILERSAFE protects operatives when loading and unloading vehicles


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