TrailerGuard is a Temporary Guardrail System designed to protect operatives working on truck beds and trailers.

Temporary guardrail system for vehicles, compliant with EN 13374 Class A.

Trailer Guard is a kit comprising Adjustable Clamps, Posts, Guardrails and Ladder which when installed protects the three open sides of an articulated trailer with a maximum length of 13,600mm.

Trailer Guard is installed onto the trailer from the ground, no one needs to access the trailer until it has been fitted with temporary guardrails.

Universal fit clamps are attached to the truck or trailer bed. They do not require specialist tools to install, a complete Trailer Guard system can be fully erected using only a hammer.

Posts simply slot into the adjustable clamps once tightened, the Guardrails frames lifted and dropped into support hooks on the Posts. These Guardrails will overlap at any point along their length so fixing points to the vehicle are flexible and can be installed to avoid wheel arches and trailer supports.

Two operatives can erect Trailer Guard onto a full sized trailer in approximately ten minutes.

Trailer Guard is delivered in a specially made Storage and Transportation Bin complete with a cargo Ladder for safe access and egress once the Guardrails are assembled.

Fast and Effective Temporary Guardrail System for working on Trucks &Trailers
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