J-SAFE CONNECT is the principle temporary edge protection system for Pre-Cast Concrete structures.

It is a systemized guardrail system that is easy to install, using pre-assembled components, designed specifically to protect people or objects falling to a lower level.

Two principle components form the basis of the system, Post and Steel Mesh Barrier. There are no loose components or special tools required removing the risk of falling objects during installation. This system can be vertically extended using Top extension barriers providing a guardrail height of 1800mm.

J-SAFE Connect is designed to meet the requirements of EN 13374 Class A .

Installing on Decks and Beams

J-SAFE Connect is installed into cast-in sockets or with M12 reusable Screwbolts , drilled and installed on site.

  • Cast-In Anchor’s will reduce installation time and remove the associated hazards of using powertools for prolonged periods.
  • J-SAFE Technical Support work in liaison with the concrete panel manufacturer to set out anchor positions providing optimum coverage along perimeters, void’s and leading edges where there is the potential for a fall from height.
  • For site drilled applications, the CONNECT Post is compatible with the M12 Excalibur Screwbolts, which can be re-used ten times if handled correctly.

CONNECT Post anchored onto pre-cast concrete slab section

J-SAFE CONNECT System anchored on top of pre-cast slabs

Installing Floor Slabs

Pre cast slab units are supported on beams or walls.

The Temporary edge protection system may be designed to be installed onto the slab sections before they are built into the structure or once installed as a retro-fit, when the installers will work using personal safety equipment i.e. a Fall Restraint System.

The J-SAFE System offers the option to clamp or anchor onto deck units.

Adjustable Clamps fixed to the side of pre-cast floor slabs.


Twinwall construction is a walling system that combines the speed of erection and quality of precast concrete with the structural integrity of in-situ concrete to provide a hybrid solution. The prefabricated panels comprise two slabs separated and connected by cast-in lattice girders. The units are placed, temporarily propped, then joined by reinforcing and concreting the cavity on site. Twinwall is usually employed in association with precast flooring systems.

The J-SAFE Twin Post Assembly is a pre-assembled component that clamps at the top of the external leaf of the twinwall panel. When fitted with mesh barriers this protects the floor slab installers from the external perimeter fall risk.

The fall protection stays in place during the concrete pour into the twin wall panel cavity.

Please contact us if you would like to know more about this application.

Stair Cores

Modular pre-cast multi story car parks require temporary edge protection around core roof perimeters and to close door openings as well as stair flight handrails. (please refer to page tab STAIRS)

J-SAFE CONNECT System anchored into roof slabs

J-SAFE CONNECT System closing door openings.

Stadium Terracing

There is a great potential for falls during the construction of stadiums on both the top edge and sides of terracing.



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