Adjustable Site Stairs provide a safe and efficient temporary access between levels on structures, onto formwork decking or as a safe temporary route for access on embankments or into excavations. Users can carry small tools, equipment and materials in safety and comfort.

There is a double handrail on both sides, which automatically adjusts to the correct height so whatever the angle of the Stairway, the treads will always be horizontal with a locking mechanism that ensures the stability of the Stairway and keeps it at the correct angle.

Manufactured from Aluminium or Steel with locked-in double handrails on both sides of the stairs. They ensure that workers are facing forwards when climbing or descending and are able to safely carry tools etc.

  • Steel stairs can be bolted together to make longer sets, up to 36 steps long, reaching a maximum rise of 7.6m.
  • Extra support is needed in the form of the Universal Support for the 18 and 21 steps.
  • 24 steps stairs and larger require the lattice beam support.
  • The overall width is 880mm , tread width 680mm.
  • Comprehensive pictorial Instructions are provided to ensure that they are they are quickly and easily installed by two user’s and ready for use in minutes.
  • Adjustable Site Stairs are compliant with EN 12811.
Product CodeDescriptionFolded Length (m) Weight (kg)
 9000003 step Site Stair 1.03 17 -27 inc handrails
9001506 step Site Stair 1.84 31 – 46 inc handrails
 900152 Stairway 9 step 2.65 47 – 67 inc handrails
 90016212 step Site Stair 3.46 57 – 85 inc handrails
 90015615 step Site Stair 4.2782 – 114 inc handrails
 90016018 step Site Stair 5.08104 – 144  inc handrails
Adjustable Site Stairs offer a safe and efficient temporary access between levels


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